7 places to see in Japan

Let’s take a look at some great places I visited in Japan, based on one roll of film on a disposable Fujifilm camera I bought at a 7/11 in Tokyo.

I’ve got a lot more photos that I took on my DSLR, but you don’t get such a luxury with a disposable camera. You really have to pick the special moments, and I think these photos encapsulate some of the most beautiful times.

1. Tokyo

kyoto train station

First, a day in Tokyo. Lots of cute girls in kimonos walking around. A quick hop on the shinkansen and we are on our way to…

2. Osaka

osaka beer vending machine

A rare sighting of a beer vending machine. I really enjoyed walking the streets of Osaka, especially at night. We befriended some cool moms at a local coffee shop, some Korean tourists and some skaters on our cruises around at night.

3. Kyoto


A quiet and clean street right near our Airbnb.

4. Hiroshima


A quick train ride away from Kyoto. I recommend renting a bike around the train station, as many nice places are easily accessible and there is a lot to see. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial is lovely, and so is Hiroshima Castle (pictured above). If you want to see the Miyajima Floating Shrine make sure you get there early, as the last boat rides end around 5pm every day.

5. Kobe

kobe waterfall

If you’ve just got time to see one thing in Kobe, Nunobiki Falls is a lovely hike. It’s quite close to the Kobe Herb Gardens; walk or take a gondola to the very top for some pretty spectacular views.

6. Takamatsu & Naoshima Island

naoshimanaoshima islandnaoshima island 2

This is one of the rare, pure and untouched places left on this earth and I hope it remains that way forever. What we did is stay in a cheap hostel in Takamatsu and take the ferry over to Naoshima Island, but it is possible to stay directly on the island in an Airbnb. While you could just be satisfied trying local cuisine (they are best known for their udon) and cycling around, if you’ve got the chance I highly recommend visiting the Chichu art museum. Naoshima is known as the art island, after all. I’m personally a big fan of going to art galleries but Chichu can convert even the biggest skeptic.

7. Nagano & Obuse

nagano snow monkeynagano snow monkey parkobuse train station

For the final leg of the trip I stayed in Nagano, a wholesome northern Japanese town with great sushi and kooky, friendly people. I took the bus out to the Jigokudani Monkey Park in the morning, spent a few hours there and then took the shinkansen back. On the way I made a quick stop in Obuse, a quiet town with some art galleries and temples.


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