10 unusual things to do in Shanghai

Personally I think Shanghai is pretty shit as far a tourist destinations go. The only way to truly enjoy this city is have a local show you around. Otherwise you’re limited to shopping at Tianzifang or bumping elbows with the crowds at the Bund. It’s not a bad time, but it’s only enjoyable for so long.

Here are some other things you can do in Shanghai to get a good feel for the city and what makes it such a great place.

1. M50

For all you art lovers out there. It’s a rare find in Shanghai because it isn’t crawling with people. The galleries are clean, tasteful (depending on your definition of the word) and there are many artists just hanging around painting or sleeping. If you’re in Beijing, I highly recommend the 798 Art Zone.

2. Xing Guang Photography Equipment Center

All things photography can be found here. I’m not aware of everything you can do here, but here are a few options:

1. Sell your equipment, or get your equipment fixed or cleaned.
2. Purchase cameras and accessories (lenses, lights, storage) from both major and lesser known brands.
3. Browse massive selections of vintage film cameras and film. Pick up a little film camera for around $200 or an oldschool Polaroid camera for around $80.
4. Get photos printed on just about any surface imaginable.

You could spend half an hour to half a day here, depending on your level of interest.

More to come as I finish editing photos…


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